In order to address the knowledge gaps that exist across the physical / clinical science divide we have created a number of infographic factsheets. These highlight key information about the focus cancers of the CRUK Cambridge Centre and describe some of the STEM research taking place in Cambridge that could be relevant for clinical application. 

The infographics will give physical scientists an overview of the development, progression and current standard of care for certain cancer types, as well as identifying in which areas there may be opportunities for their research to aid early detection. For clinicians, the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) infographics will articulate how ongoing STEM research could be directly integrated into clinical application to make the biggest and most rapid impact.

Cancer Explained

Graph - top level page from which all cancers can be found:

Brain Tumours

General ref to CRUK Brain Tumour pages (old style):  

New cases and deaths

Number of types

Breakdown of types
Brain & CNS data summary for 2009 for the East of England

National Brain Tumour Registry, CNS SSCRG Work Programme, Brain and CNS data summary for 2009 for the East of England, p2 

5 year survival data

Links to Awareness initiatives

HeadSmart - Prof David Walker, Nottingham

Headache Plus (or Headache+?)– Robin Grant, neurologist in Glasgow

The BRAcED study: The BRAin tumour Early Detection study

Robin Grant & Simon Kerrigan – Headache PLUS - Edinburgh Centre for Neuro-oncology

STEM Current Work In Cancer And Beyond

STEM Sensing And Detection Examples

STEM Imaging And Analysis Examples

STEM Cellular Micro-environment

Encouraging Collaboration

University Initiatives



Cambridge Big Data

Cambridge Advanced Imaging Centre (CAIC)

EPSRC Centres


Sensor CDT

CRUK & EPSRC Cancer Imaging Centre

EPSRC Centre for Mathematical Imaging in Healthcare




Stem Cell Institute