Towards an early detection programme for myeloid malignancies

Principal Investigator: Prof George Vassiliou, University of Cambridge.

Funded by: CRUK Early Detection Project Award 2021

We are delighted to have been awarded a CRUK Early Detection Project Grant to study the phenomenon of clonal haematopoiesis (CH), the clonal expansion of blood stem cells and their progeny as a result of genetic mutations that give them a growth advantage over their normal, unmutated counterparts. CH is very common, but in a minority of cases progresses towards and eventually gives rise to acute myeloid leukaemia and related blood cancers. The project will follow and study a group of volunteers with CH over time in order to study how CH cells behave and what makes them expand and progress towards leukaemia. The overarching aim is to improve our ability to identify the characteristics of high-risk CH that is progressing towards leukaemia and develop ways to stop it from doing so. The project will be done in close collaboration with the ACED Clinic Cambridge.