Tiered integrated diagnostics for the early detection of aggressive prostate cancer: The Riskman-TARGET study to develop a novel screening approach for prostate cancer.

Principal Investigators: Mr Vincent Gnanapragasam, University of Cambridge, Prof Kenneth Muir, University of Manchester, Dr Artitaya Lophatananon, University of Manchester

Funded by: ACED Pilot Award 2020

To explore the hypothesis that early detection of prostate cancer needs to combine risk factors and account for changes in a man’s prostate physiology and general heath, we propose the Riskman-TARGET concept. This is based on creating a tiered algorithm with forward gateways to the end-point of referral for image guided biopsy. Baseline genomics are used to identify an at-risk cohort for monitoring, interval tests using PSA adjusted for prostate volume and/or biomarkers will be used to monitor and personalised referral thresholds set based on risks of lethal prostate cancer and benefit gains from treatment. If successful, Riskman-TARGET could be used to deliver a risk-stratified, longitudinal screening programme for targeted detection of lethal prostat cancer.