Risk adaptive breast cancer screening: a tailored imaging approach

Principal Investigators: Professor Fiona Gilbert & Professor Paul Pharoah

Funded by: CRUK Early Detection Programme Award

A team led by Fiona Gilbert, Professor of Radiology, and Paul Pharoah, Professor of Cancer Epidemiology, will look at risk-adaptive breast cancer screening, exploring whether it is possible to stratify women into different categories of breast cancer risk and offer them a more appropriate screening test based on this. Women at increased risk of breast cancer, which will be assessed by age, breast density, inherited predisposition to the disease and lifestyle / hormonal risk factors, may benefit from more detailed imaging tests such as abbreviated MRI, contrast enhanced spectral mammography and automated whole breast ultrasound. The results from the study will enable the NHS breast screening programme to offer women at greater risk more appropriate imaging tests to detect their cancer at an earlier stage, ultimately leading to improved survival. Read more