Real-world risk-stratified early detection and diagnosis using linked electronic health records data

Principal Investigators: Prof Georgios Lyratzopoulos, University College London; Prof Antonis Antoniou, University of Cambridge and Prof Ruth Etzioni, Oregon Health and Science University
Funded by: ACED Project Award 2020

Many patients, particularly those with harder-to-suspect cancers, present to GPs with non-specific symptoms. Professors Lyratzopoulos, Antoniou and Etzioni and their collaborators will produce novel algorithms using both state of the art and novel computational approaches to improve the calculation of risk of symptomatic-but-as-yet-undiagnosed cancer. They will analyse longitudinal primary care data, including on prescription history, co-morbidities, diagnostic tests and underlying susceptibility to cancer. This work aims to inform referral guidelines for specialist investigation or assessment, and to improve decision tools supporting doctors in their assessment of cancer risk.