Organic Opto-Acoustic electronics for early stage detection of cancer

Principal Investigator: Professor Brian Huntly, Department of Haematology
Funded by: CRUK Cambridge Centre Early Detection Programme Pump Priming Awards 2020

By combining advances in acoustic wave physics and organic optoelectronics, we will open a new route for the electronic detection of pre-leukaemic cells and detailed discrimination from normal blood cells. By using acoustic wave sorting and optical indices in blood samples from selected patients with various grades of blood cancer, we will identify optico-physical properties of cells that correlate with progression to overt malignancy. The integration of in-situ illumination and imaging, made possible by organic optoelectronics, would allow such detection to be achieved within self-contained lab-on-a-chip devices. These would offer cheap, low-power, disposable tools for routine screening of early cancer markers.