Multi-parametric investigation and stratification of indeterminate lung nodules MISIL1

Principal Investigators: Dr Frank McCaughan, University of Cambridge and Dr Phil Crosbie, University of Manchester
Funded by: ACED Pilot Award 2020

A key question in the early detection of lung cancer is whether a molecular biomarker can improve or be complementary to CT scanning algorithms. In this project they will address indeterminate pulmonary nodules in which there is clinical uncertainty whether a scan-detected lung nodule does or does not represent a lung cancer. To date most reported studies have tested one biomarker modality for indeterminate nodules. The hypothesis is to develop a strategy to accurately stratify patients with indeterminate pulmonary nodules into cancer and non-cancer using a multiparametric combination of biomarkers. This would be the first study to apply multiple cutting edge biomarker methodologies to individuals with early stage lung cancer, indeterminate lung cancer and appropriate controls. The results would demonstrate feasibility, direct and refine future efforts and larger-scale clinical trials.