Early Detection of hereditary renal cancer (RCC) [ELECTRIC]

Principal Investigators: Dr Emma Woodward, University of Manchester, Dr Alice Fan, Stanford University, Dr James Whitworth, University of Cambridge and Prof Eamonn Maher, University of Cambridge

Funded by: ACED Pilot Award 2020

Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is increasing in incidence and frequently presents at an advanced stage which is associated with poor outcomes despite the introduction of costly targeted therapeutic agents. Hereditary renal cell carcinoma (HRCC) provides opportunities for early cancer detection leading to early intervention. In HRCC, regular imaging screening is the current standard of care; however imaging is not always accessible, is time consuming and requires specialist radiological expertise. Tumour-educated platelets are showing promise as a sensitive and discriminatory means of early cancer detection in blood. This project's researchers have identified a platelet transcriptome signature in individuals with early stage sporadic RCC. They will investigate whether this signature is present in individuals with early stage HRCC, which would represent a significant finding providing opportunities to refine and prospectively validate novel tumour biomarker profiles for early detection in a high-risk population.