Early cancer detection through transcriptomic analysis of host immune cells

Principal Investigators: Dr Robert Rintoul & Professor H. Tom Soh

Collaborators: Professor Bruce Ponder, Dept of Oncology, Cambridge and Dr Purvesh Khatri, Institute for Transplantation & Immunology, Stanford

Funded by: CRUK Cambridge Centre and Canary Center at Stanford Early Detection Joint Pump Priming Awards 2018

There is currently intense interest in identifying early cancer biomarkers in blood. However, once these biomarkers are shed from tumours, they are immediately diluted by the circulating blood making their concentrations extremely low. Robert Rintoul, a thoracic consultant based at the Royal Papworth Hospital, is exploring a different approach to detect lung cancer at an early stage by studying the immune cells in blood samples to see if there are particular signals that could be used to identify lung cancer early. He is collaborating with H. Tom Soh a professor of radiology at the Canary Center.