Computational modelling of tumour growth kinetics to inform early cancer detection

Principal Investigators: Dr Nora Pashayan, University College London; Dr Johannes Reiter, Stanford University; Prof Paul Pharoah, University of Cambridge; Dr Sylvia Plevritis, Stanford University
Funded by: ACED Project Award 2020

Drs Pashayan, Reiter, Plevritis and Prof Pharoah plan to construct mathematical models to simulate tumour growth, metastatic spread and biomarker shedding of lung, breast, prostate, kidney and ovarian cancer. Their models will be used to further understand the mechanistic underpinnings of cancer growth and progression and to anticipate the effect of early detection interventions. This work will aid the detection and early identification of aggressive cancers before they progress to an incurable stage and help to reduce the burden of overdiagnosis.