International Alliance for Cancer Early Detection (ACED)

ACED is a £55 million partnership between Cancer Research UK, the Canary Center at Stanford University, the University of Cambridge, the Knight Cancer Institute at OHSU, University College London and the University of Manchester. ACED unites world-leading researchers to tackle the biggest challenges in the early detection of cancer, which is a crucial and underserved area of unmet clinical need. Scientists in the Alliance are working together at the forefront of technological innovation and the biology of early lesions to translate research into realistic ways to improve cancer diagnosis, which can be implemented into health systems and transform cancer outcomes. For more information see here.

The Alliance is a science-led, collaborative investment that will support the early detection of cancer research. Representing up to £40 million of investment, this initiative brings together outstanding UK and US Centres to foster collaboration, infrastructure development and training across the Alliance and for the wider early detection research community.

Click here to see the ACED Strategy document.

We are building the ACED Clinic Cambridge to accelerate translational efforts by providing world-leading resources for all ACED Centres to enable first-in-human clinical trials for new early cancer detection tests and interventions to establish feasibility, acceptability and cost effectiveness. We will leverage existing facilities in the Cambridge Clinical Research Centre at Cambridge University Hospital and be recruiting for our ACED Clinic Cambridge cohort of volunteers - details to follow.