Prevention and Population Research Project Awards

The Prevention and Population Research Awards provide support for focused research proposals centred on key questions in prevention and population research.

Amount and duration

Awards are typically made up to £500k for up to 3 years*: The award can be used for:

  • Postdoctoral researchers
  • Technical staff
  • Associated running costs
  • Equipment where fully justified for the project

*Project Awards can be shorter or longer than 3 years and the funding request can vary, provided requests are well-justified and based on strong scientific rationale. If you'd like to apply for more than 3 years of funding or more than £500,000 total funding, you must contact us to discuss this before you start an application.


Applicants should:

  • Be a research scientist with relevant research experience
  • Be based at a UK university, hospital or research institution


  1. Contact the office for an informal and confidential discussion of your research proposal. We will advise you on your eligibility and funding options. You must contact the office to ask us to open an application for you in our online grants management system (eGMS)
  2. Submit your application through our online grants management system. Your final application must be approved online by your host institution. Your application will be peer-reviewed by experts and you will have the opportunity to respond to comments.
  3. Your application will be considered by the Prevention and Population Research Committee.

Deadlines and selection procedures

The deadline for submitting outline applications 22 July 2021.

You must read the full application guidelines. Please contact the office for guidance and you must contact the office to discuss eligibility and the suitability of your research proposal.

Please click here for more information about the Project Award and the application process and for contact details of the Research Funding Managers.