Prevention and Population Research Programme Awards

The Prevention and Population Research Programme Awards provide long-term support for broad, multidisciplinary research with transformative potential in prevention and population research.

Amount and duration

There is no fixed value for funding requests for Programme Awards. Funding lasts 5 years, conditional on an annual Scientific Milestone Report review. The award can be used for:

  • Salaries of postdoctoral researchers, technical staff and PhD students (stipend and fees)
  • Associated running costs
  • Equipment costing up to £50,000


Applicants should:

  • Be a research scientist based at a UK university or research institution for the duration of the proposed award.
  • Have extensive postdoctoral experience, an internationally-recognised track record, and ability to successfully run an independent research group.


  1. Contact the CRUK Prevention and Population Research office for an informal and confidential discussion of your research proposal. They will advise you on your eligibility and funding options. You must contact the office to ask them to open an online application for you in the online grants management system (eGMS).
  2. Submit an outline application, which will be assessed by the Prevention and Population Research Committee. If you are applying to renew your Programme Award, you won’t need to submit an outline application.
  3. If your outline application is successful, you will be invited to submit a full application which will be peer-reviewed by experts and you will have the opportunity to respond to comments. You can submit your full proposal to the next deadline, or the deadline thereafter.
  4. You will be invited to present to and be questioned by the Prevention and Population Research Committee, which will make the final decision on your full application.

All applications are made through the online grants management system (eGMS) and full applications must be approved online by your host institution.

Deadlines and selection procedures

The deadline for submitting outline applications 10th March 2022.

You must read the guidelines for full applications. If you are submitting a new outline application, please contact the office for guidance and you must contact the office to discuss eligibility and the suitability of your research proposal.

Please click here for more information about the Project Award and the application process and for contact details of the Research Funding Managers.