Multidisciplinary Project Award

This scheme supports collaborations between cancer researchers and scientists from engineering/physical science disciplines.

The aim of these awards is to generate creative research ideas and explore their applicability in cancer research. These awards are awarded jointly between Principal Investigators (PI) from engineering/physical science disciplines, and PIs who are working in cancer research.

Amount and duration

Awards £500k for up to 4 year.


Applications should ideally include:

  • a minimum of two PIs working in distinct scientific disciplines
  • at least one PI working in cancer research at any career stage
  • at least one PI from an engineering/physical science discipline at any career stage

Applications will be accepted from UK universities, research institutions, Cancer Research UK core-funded Institutes, medical schools and hospitals. The award is not required to be co-located and can be held across institutions in the UK, supporting roles from international and commercial organisations may also be included.

If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact the CRUK office.


The primary focus should be on multidisciplinary research, the research themes within remit for this award include:

  • The direct application of physics, engineering, chemical or mathematical concepts to address the underlying physical processes of cancer, including tumour initiation, growth and metastasis.
  • The development of new transformational approaches or the translation of technologies for direct applications in, or a clear path to, a direct application in the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of cancer. Proposals for the first applications of technologies in cancer research and those which demonstrate potential clinical applicability are encouraged.

In addition, we welcome proposals across all engineering and physical science disciplines including physics, engineering, mathematical and computational modelling, chemical and molecular sciences, materials science, molecular/tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. For more specific details of research supported by Multidisciplinary Project Awards, please refer to the scheme guidelines.

Multidisciplinary Project Awards are designed to fund individual project proposals, for research proposals of a similar nature that encompass a more detailed body of work, please refer to the Programme Awards.

Applications will be judged based on how well the project proposal meets the following criteria:

  • Scientific excellence and innovation
  • Cancer relevance and importance to furthering the understanding of cancer or potential benefits to cancer patients
  • Feasibility, added value and individual contributions of the collaboration

Deadlines and selection procedures

The deadline for submitting outline application proposals is 15 July 2021. The full application deadline will be 27 January 2022 and the Committee review takes place in May 2022. Please click here for more information about the award and the application process.