Milner Consortium Call 2022

The Milner Therapeutics Consortium is seeking proposals for academic-industry research collaborations that can transform pioneering science into therapies by developing better models of disease and uncovering novel and biologically informed targets.

The call is now open, and will close for applications on 30th March 2022.

Pharma partners in the Milner Therapeutics Consortium are working together with academics at the University, Babraham and Wellcome Sanger Institutes to better understand disease mechanisms and to discover and validate new therapeutic targets.

The Consortium partners are particularly keen to see proposals that:

  • Emphasize the added value and mutual benefit of working together with industry
  • Include teams of researchers working across disciplines
  • Identify potential targets or strategies that are therapeutically tractable
  • Utilise advanced technology or disease models

What we can provide:

  • Support for pilot (6 months) or longer-term projects (1-2 years)
  • Funding e.g. for a research associate and consumables
  • Access to company reagents where appropriate e.g. tool compounds, compound libraries
  • Expertise e.g. in particular techniques, disease areas, target selection and validation

Proposals will be considered as collaborations with individual companies or a group of companies. Those selected for consideration will be invited to develop the proposal into a full research plan together in discussion with scientists from the partner company.

Do you have an idea for a potential pre-clinical collaborative project that would benefit from industry expertise and know-how?

Milner Consortium call 2022

We are looking for project proposals that could provide solutions to current challenges in:

• Neuroscience

• Reproductive biology

• Immunology & Inflammation

• Infectious Disease

• Metabolic & Cardiovascular disease

• Microbiome

• Oncology

• New technologies that will aid therapeutic discovery

Applications from cross-disciplinary teams are encouraged

To learn more, please visit or email Nicola McCarthy, our Consortium Manager at