Early Detection Programme Pump Priming Award 2020-2022

The mission of the CRUK Cambridge Centre Early Detection programme, launched in 2016, is to increase survival from cancer and improve quality of life through early detection and intervention. In order to achieve this, the research within the programme focuses on:

  • Understanding the earliest steps of cancer development;
  • Developing new methods of detecting cancer even prior to any symptoms;
  • Understanding the implications of early detection for society as a whole;
  • Running clinical studies to evaluate new cancer diagnostics and interventions.

One of the Programme’s strengths arises from the multidisciplinary nature of the research undertaken. Examples of pump-priming projects previously funded by the Programme can be found here (hyperlink https://www.earlydetectioncambridge.org.uk/research/projects) We are now inviting members of the CRUK Cambridge Centre to submit multidisciplinary project proposals within the programmatic research areas listed above. These may range from societal and legal aspects, through basic biology of early cancer to novel detection devices and clinical studies. Priority will be given to projects involving new collaborations. If your research is cancer related and you are not a member of the CRUK Cambridge Centre Early Detection Programme, please apply for membership here. If you are already a member of another Centre programme you can now apply for secondary membership of the Early Detection Programme

Amount and duration

Funding of up to £50k per year will be available, tenable for either one or two years. Funds will be used for salaries, consumables. The purchase of small items of equipment under £5k may also be considered. The awards are expected to support research that will lay the ground for future funding from other sources.

The awards will be made for projects to commence on 1st April 2020 and to end 31st March 2022 at the latest. Any new post must commence on 1st April 2020 if it is to run for 24 months. For posts starting later than 1st April 2020, the contract duration will need to be pro-rated down accordingly to end on 31st March 2022. Due to funding restrictions on approaching the end of the 5 year Centre grant, there will be no extensions granted for any projects and all non-staff related expenditure must be completed by 31st March 2022.


The proposals should fall under the scope of Early Detection research as outlined above. Multidisciplinary projects with contributions from investigators from different disciplines/departments are particularly welcome, with priority being given to new collaborations rather than extending existing projects.

Applicants should be primary or secondary members of the CRUK Cambridge Centre. If your research is cancer-related and you are not a member of the Cambridge Centre, please sign up here.


All project proposals must be submitted using the application form. The project description should be limited to 1000 words and should clearly outline its relevance to the Early Detection Programme research aims. The project should be submitted with your name and Departmental /Institutional affiliation, the names of the team members and their Departmental /Institutional affiliation, the type of idea that will be generated and can support future funding, and potential sources of future funding. All applications should be emailed to ED@crukcambridgecentre.org.uk by Sunday 24th November 2019

Deadlines and selection procedures

The deadline for submitting proposals is midnight on Sunday 24th November 2019. Final decisions will be published by Monday 6th January 2020. The review committee may ask additional questions of the PI or team members during the evaluation process.

Please contact Catherine Atkins (cja52@cam.ac.uk) with any queries about the intent of the grants or the process of submission or evaluation.

Early Detection Programme 2020 Pump Priming Award Selection committee

Project applications will be evaluated by members of the Early Detection Programme Steering Committee.