ACED Skills Exchange and Development Travel Award

Eligibility: Applicants must be named Alliance Members of the University of Cambridge. The proposal must be within the scientific remit of the Alliance.
Funding amount: Up to £40k per award to cover a visit of up to 4 months (no minimum length).
Submission deadline:

  • Wednesday 22nd April 5pm Submission of an X5 and science proposal to the Cambridge Research Operations Office (ROO)
  • Friday 1st May 5pm with ROO sign off, send to for submission to CRUK and where appropriate for Prof. Rebecca Fitzgerald’s signature (the grants will not be approved for submission to CRUK if the ROO has not signed off). There will be further calls with deadlines of 19th August, and a further date in Nov 2020 (TBC)

Please approach your departmental research grant contacts for the X5 as soon as possible and allow at least a week before the deadline for submission to ROO. If you have affiliates outside the 5 ACED Centres who will receive funding from us please allow more time.

  • You only need to submit an X5 for the Cambridge only costs for the grant, not ACED Centre partner costs. However, if you have affiliates outside of the ACED Centres then these will need to be added to the X5
  • Even if you are not the lead on the grant, you still need to submit the X5 for Cambridge costs and the science proposal to the ROO and for Rebecca's signature
  • Expressions of Interest also need to comply to these deadlines and be submitted to ROO

Click here for the ACED Skills Exchange and Development Travel Award Guidance
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You will be informed of the outcome by mid-June. If you have any questions please contact Dr Wendy Alderton, Early Detection Programme Manager,, Tel: +44 (0)1223 762588