ACED Project Funding Award - Understanding Disease Progression for Early Detection

Eligibility: Applicants must be named Alliance Members of the University of Cambridge. The proposal must be within the scientific remit of the Alliance Understanding Disease Progression for Early Detection call and requires a co-applicant from another member centre’. The deadline is 24th January 2022. N.B. In a change to the previous process there is no longer an Expression of Interest stage and full Project submissions are invited by this deadline.

Funding amount: From £200k to £1 million
Funding period: Up to 36 months
Submission deadline - see diagram below

Intent to submit form

Click here for the Project Award Guidance
Click here for the Project Award Application Form

The application process is the same for all ACED grant types: Pilot, Project EoI, invited full Projects and Skills Exchange and Development Travel awards. Please read the FAQs. These are referred to in the text below.

The application process is:

A, Complete the intent to submit online form by 20th December 2021. Only one intent to submit form is needed for each project/pilot, there is no need for a collaborator from every Centre to submit a form for the same application.

B, At the same time as filling in the intent to submit, alert your departmental grants and finance administrator that you will be submitting an ACED grant as they will need to inform the ROO.

C, By 5pm on the 24th January 2022 send finalised application form to your grants/ finance administrator, who will submit this and your completed X5 to the Research Operations Office (ROO) for sign off. At the same time submit your application from to Wendy Alderton ( for review by Prof Rebecca Fitzgerald. Signatures from your co-Leads should be in place at this time, but host institution approval signatures will not be obtained by then.

D, Please read the Briefing note here and complete a Due Diligence checklist (download from here) only for the Cambridge lead of the ACED grant being submitted and send it to Wendy Alderton ( by the 24th January 2022.

E, If you are Lead Applicant #1 ensure your co-Leads are obtaining their host institutional approvals as required. When you receive notification approval of your X5 and application by ROO send this to Wendy Alderton. Then send the final form with all signatures in place and letters of support if required to Wendy Alderton (either pdf or word) ( before the deadline for submission to CRUK of 14th February 2022.

Or if you are Lead Applicant #2, or #3, notify lead Applicant#1 that your host institution support is obtained so they can complete their form. See FAQ2 on signatures.

F, The Programme Manager of the Lead Applicant#1 ACED Member Centre will then submit the final application to CRUK by 14th February 2022.

If you have any questions please contact Dr Wendy Alderton, (
Early Detection Programme Manager, Tel: +44 (0)1223 762588