Early Detection Funding

EIT Health call for proposals

Career level: Partnership between 1 academic and 1 non-academic across at least 2 Earopean Centres
Submission deadline: 9th April 2018
Funding period: 12 to 36 months
Funding amount: Up to £750.000 euros

CRUK Biomarker Project Awards

Career level: Early career researcher, Established independent researcher or Clinician
Submission deadline: 14th June 2018
Funding period: Typically 3 years
Funding amount: Up to £100.000 per year

CRUK Early Detection Project Awards

Career level: Early career researcher, Mid-career researcher, Established independent researcher, Clinician or Non-clinical researcher
Submission deadline: 21st June 2018
Funding period: Up to 4 years*
Funding amount: Up to £500k*