Early Detection Programme 6th Annual Symposium: Poster Area

Welcome to the 2021 Symposium Poster Area

Please click on the poster images to view larger versions and ask questions in the adjacent Q&A boxes. Presenters will be online answering questions during the scheduled poster session.

COX2 regulates senescence secretome composition and senescence surveillance through PGE_2

DiagMMR, A novel carrier test validated for lynch syndrome detection

The fitness landscape and evolutionary dynamics of mosaic chromosomal alterations (mCAs) in blood

Automatic non-invasive prostate cancer grading with VERDICT MRI and deep learning

Synonymous mutations reveal genome-wide driver mutation rates in healthy tissues

Discovery of senescence biomarkers and their theranostic potential

Levitating cells for the early detection of Barrett’s esophagus

Impact of senescence on tumour microenvironment

Stromal niche orchestrates epithelial cell behaviour in early tumourigenesis

Machine classification of methylomes in cancer

Defining early AML methylation changes for risk prediction

The natural history of clonal haematopoiesis