Early Detection Programme 6th Annual Symposium 2021 Archive Page

Welcome to the Archive Page for the 6th Annual Symposium, 2021

Our 6th Annual Symposium took place on 25th January 2021. Some elements of the event are available below:

We hope you had a smooth and enjoyable experience and look forward to welcoming you in 2022.

Symposium Recordings

Prof Molly Stevens, "Bioengineering strategies for early disease detection"
Prof Kishan Dholakia, "Shaping light for the early detection of disease"
Prof Sir Mike Richards, "Early diagnosis: What progress are we making?"
Dr Inés Modolell, "Introducing ACED Clinic Cambridge"
Dr Matthew Hoare, "Non-autonomous induction of endothelial Rela underpins immune-mediated surveillance of premalignant hepatocytes"
followed by
Estela Gonzalez Gualda, "Senolytic treatment inhibits the growth of lung precancerous lesions and increases survival in mice"
Dr Massimiliano di Pietro, "Confocal laser endomicroscopy in combination with molecular biomarkers for the diagnosis of inconspicuous dysplasia in Barrett’s oesophagus: A randomised cross-over trial"
followed by
Alexander Wolfgang Jung, "Population-scale cancer risk prediction from disease histories and geneology"