Cancer Revolution: World-first exhibition to engage people with progress against cancer

Cancer Revolution: Science, innovation and hope

Cancer Revolution: Exhibition
Busting myths about the causes of cancer

A major new exhibition, created by the Science Museum Group with support from Cancer Research UK, will explore the revolution in science that is transforming cancer care.

This world-first exhibition explores how, at a pivotal moment when one in two of us will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime, more of us than ever before are living longer and better with the disease and beyond.

From busting myths about the causes of cancer and revealing how the disease isn’t unique to humans, to exploring how the latest cancer science, early detection technologies and immunotherapies are advancing cancer care today, Cancer Revolution: Science, innovation and hope shows how far we have come in prevention, detection and treatment, and highlights the important challenges that are still to be solved.

As the exhibition’s Expert Partner, the CRUK research engagement team have been working closely with the Science Museum Group’s curators to help shape the exhibition, providing access to researchers and clinical experts. They were looking for ways to talk about cancer science in stimulating and engaging ways, but knew that the science can sometimes come over as a bit impenetrable.

They have created an experience that will showcase the incredible scientific and medical progress we’ve seen in recent decades and our optimism for the future, while also bringing out the enormous impact cancer has on those it affects, and the importance of continuing to make progress against the disease.

The free exhibition will open its doors in October 2021 at Manchester’s Science and Industry Museum, before relocating to the Science Museum in London in May 2022.

Those visiting the exhibition will be able to find out how cancer has been treated over the centuries, from high-risk surgeries to the discovery of the first chemotherapy drugs. They'll discover the stories of people living with, treating, and affected by cancer today, and how researchers, clinicians, policymakers and patients are fuelling progress in a powerful expression of shared hope.

Highlights include seldom and never-before seen objects and stories, cutting edge treatment, live research and reflection, new artist commissions and installations, film, photography and a breadth of personal stories, including from those living with chronic and advanced cancer.

Cancer Revolution exhibition
A sneak peek of the Cancer Revolution exhibition