Virtual Academic-Industry Meetups for Cancer Early Detection and Diagnosis

Early Detection and Diagnosis of cancer has the potential to revolutionise patient outcomes. Patients diagnosed early, at stages 1&2, have the best chance of curative treatment and long-term survival.

As a key strategic priority for Cancer Research UK, they are committed to attracting and growing fruitful collaborations to drive forward progress in the early detection of cancer. To make collaboration and knowledge exchange between industry and academia easier, they are hosting a series of Virtual Meetups.

Each Meetup will be tailored to specific areas of ED&D research (for example, sessions might be focused on specific approaches e.g. data/computational approaches, liquid biopsy approaches etc. or on a specific cancer type e.g. pancreatic, lung etc.).

The Virtual Meetups will be held between 11-20 January 2021, in the lead up to CRUK's Early Detection Primer Award (application deadline: March 2021). The Primer Award offers up to £100 000 seed funding and can be used to support innovative academia-industry partnerships to explore novel research ideas and the development of new technologies.

How it works
At the Virtual Meetup sessions you will get to:

  • hear from potential collaborators, rapid-fire style, with 9o seconds each to talk about your research expertise/interests and collaborative needs;
  • Learn more about funding opportunities from CRUK
  • Network with potential collaborators

After the event, CRUK and their Commercial Partnerships team will be available to help participants develop partnerships based on discussion at the Virtual Meetup, including any contractual or intellectual property concerns that may arise.

Register your interest by completing this simple form. There are limited places available and registration will close at midnight on 20th December 2020.

Shortly after registration has closed, you will be notified if you have been allocated a place and will be assigned to a Virtual Meetup session according to your research interests and/or collaborator needs (specific date and time slot will be provided). If you have any questions or feedback, please contact