Professor Fitzgerald contributes to parliamentary report on the 'Future of Disease Prediction and Diagnosis'

The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) has produced a range of reports that will help Parliament plan for the future. As part of a Horizon Scanning process, POST worked with over 150 experts to identify 30 areas of change and create forward-thinking reports that show how Parliament can prepare for a changing world.

Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald, co-lead of the Early Detection Programme, contributed to the report on 'Developments in the diagnosis of disease for medicine and public health'.

Part of the 'Technological Advances' themes, the report explores whether advances in diagnostic tools could improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. But asks how can patient trust and equitable access be ensured?

It highlighted that better disease prevention and diagnostic tools would have a high impact on reducing NHS spending and improving population-wide health outcomes.

You can read the full report, Developments in the diagnosis of disease for medicine and public health, on the POST website.