Dr Harveer Dev takes up post as Early Detection Clinical Lecturer

On 1st April, Dr Harveer Dev commenced his Clinical Lectureship post with the Early Detection Programme. Harveer, a clinical urologist by training, has completed five years of postgraduate basic research developing knowledge and technical capabilities in the field of DNA repair in cancer. His primary research aim as a Clinical Lecturer is to explore early intervention with DNA damage response, targeting agents in high risk, early stage prostate cancers to address the key question of "how can we distinguish indolent from aggressive disease?"

Harveer read Medicine at St John’s College (Cambridge) before completing his basic surgical training at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. He was formerly a Fulbright Scholar at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, developing his research interest in genome stability. He undertook a Wellcome Trust PhD in Biochemistry with Steve Jackson (Gurdon Institute). During this time, he discovered the Shieldin complex, a critical mediator of DNA double-strand break repair, and characterised its role in treatment resistance in BRCA1-mutant cancers.

Harveer has recently been awarded a grant from the Prostate Cancer Research Centre to establish patient-derived ex-vivo model systems, which he will use to identify key drivers of genomic instability and hence potential biomarkers of disease progression, and highlight opportunities for early therapeutic intervention. Click here for more information on this Award.

Working with the Massie group, he aims to complement this strategy with single-cell RNA sequencing approaches, in order to identify unique patterns of gene expression in primary prostate tumours that may be harbingers of lethal disease, and which can be detected years prior to the emergence of distant metastasis.

We extend a warm welcome to Harveer to the Early Detection Programme.