Early Detection researchers recognised through the Senior Academic Promotions process

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Sarah Bohndiek, Co-lead of the Early Detection Programme, will be promoted to Professor from October. Following her PhD at UCL, Sarah began her postdoctoral research in Cambridge under Kevin Brindle in 2008. After a period of 2 years at Stanford under Sam Gambhir, she returned to Cambridge in 2013 as a University Lecturer in the Department of Physics, and was jointly appointed as a group leader at the CRUK Cambridge Institute in 2014.

Sarah's team develop novel imaging approaches to better understand the role of the tumour microenvironment in cancer progression, for which she has been recognised with the CRUK Future Leaders Prize and the SPIE Early Career Achievement Award. Her team are also active in translating their devices into clinical trials, to establish the feasibility of using new optical methods in cancer patient management.

Sarah also takes an active role in teaching and mentoring the next generation of scientists. She has acted as an ambassador for public engagement and interdisciplinary research training throughout her career and, acknowledging her generosity in this regard, Sarah has received the MSCA Award for Nurturing Research Talent and been invited to deliver numerous talks on career development at both national and international workshops. Please join us in congratulating Sarah on her well-deserved promotion.

Also promoted to Professor is our steering committee member Marc Tischkowitz. Marc is an Honorary Consultant in the Department of Medical Genetics whose research interests cover all areas of hereditary cancer and translating the recent advances in genomic technology into clinical practice.

Programme member Kathy Liddell, who received Early Detection Programme funding for her project "The practical significance of the decision in Mayo v Prometheus to exclude medical correlations from patent protections", has been promoted to Reader.

Please join us in congratulating all of them with their well-deserved promotion.