Darley Sands studentship funding awarded to Muñoz Espín group

Dr Daniel Muñoz Espín’s research group, whose focus is on lung cancer early detection and in particular the role played by cellular senescence in the origination of lung cancer, has been awarded the Darley Sands studentship.

This funding, granted by Downing College, will enable the group to cover a researcher’s salary for two years. Dr Muñoz Espín commented, “We are grateful that Downing College’s long-term collaboration with Mrs Helga Sands and Mr Julian Darley has resulted in this studentship. The aim of the Darley Sands award is to support research related to the understanding of human ageing and senotherapies. Our group’s work in cellular senescence is an ideal fit and we look forward to starting our collaboration.”

Julian Darley, Helga Sands and Downing College, the funders of the award, remarked, “We are delighted that the Darley Sands studentship will help advance the vital work undertaken by Daniel Muñoz Espín and his group and that the recipient will also be invited to become a member of Downing College.”