CT scanning catches 70% of lung cancers at earlier stage, study finds

The Summit study, Britain's largest ever UK lung cancer screening study, has found that CT scanning can identify 70% lung cancers of the at stage one or two, when they are more likely to be operable.

Dr Robert Rintoul, the chair of the clinical advisory group of the UK Lung Cancer Coalition, a group of leading experts in the disease and patient charities commented, “Now that CT screening for lung cancer has been shown to work, we very much hope that a lung cancer screening programme will be introduced in England. Lung cancer is the UK’s biggest cancer killer and early detection offers the best chance of curative treatment and saving more lives. Screening could lead to a 25% fall in the number of men dying of lung cancer and 30-40% fewer deaths among women."

A paper will follow later this year. Read more about the study in The Guardian, 14th February 2021.