Cambridge researchers awarded four competitive ACED grants worth over £2.1m

In 2021 ACED, Cancer Research UK’s transatlantic alliance which focuses on the early detection of cancer, issued a strategic funding call asking Can the early detection of cancer be informed by an improved understanding of disease progression from early pre-malignant changes to consequential cancer?

This was a highly competitive funding round resulting in four projects and one pilot award, and we are delighted that Cambridge researchers are involved in four of the five of successful awards, announced this week, totalling over £2.1million. The successful awardees are:

  • Time-resolved single cell mapping of breast cancer premalignancy: Dr Walid Khaled (University of Cambridge) and Dr Hisham Mohammed (Oregon Health & Science University)
  • Comprehensive genomic analysis of tumour and host interactions in the genesis of kidney cancer: Dr Sarah Welsh (University of Cambridge) and Miss Maxine Tran (University College London)
  • Developing early intervention strategies for high-risk clonal haematopoiesis: Prof George Vassiliou (University of Cambridge) and Dr Ted Braun (Oregon Health & Science University)
  • MRI signatures of tumour-promoting microenvironments as an early warning system for prostate cancer progression: Mr Vasilis Stavrinides (University College London) and Dr Ece Eksi (Oregon Health & Science University)
  • Using HDGC to build a toolkit to distinguish indolent from consequential early cancer lesions: (Pilot award) Dr David Wedge (University of Manchester) and Prof Rebecca Fitzgerald (University of Cambridge)

The International Alliance for Cancer Early Detection (ACED) is a partnership between Cancer Research UK, University College London, the Canary Center at Stanford University, the University of Cambridge, the Knight Cancer Institute at OHSU and the University of Manchester. Its aim is to unite world-leading researchers to tackle the biggest challenges in early cancer detection, which remains an area of unmet clinical need. To date, ACED's total spend on funded research is now over £8.5m and $5m.

Further information about these newly funded awards is available here.