Cambridge Researchers have been awarded ACED funding

In its May International Alliance for Cancer Early Detection (ACED) newsletter, Cancer Research UK is showcasing the first researchers who received Alliance funding. Four projects that are collaborations with members of the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre have been awarded ACED Pilot funding and one researcher from the University of Manchester has received the ACED Skills exchange and development travel award to visit Cambridge University.

  • Mr Vincent Gnanapragasam will work together with Professor Kenneth Muir and Dr Artiaya Lophatananon from the University of Manchester on the project “Tiered integrated diagnostics for the early detection of aggressive Prostate Cancer: The Riskman-TARGET study to develop a novel screening approach for prostate cancer”.
  • Dr Frank McCaughan is collaborating with Dr Phil Crosbie, also from Manchester University, to work on the project “Multiparametric investigation and stratification of indeterminate lung nodules MISIL1”.
  • The third Cambridge researcher who has received ACED Pilot funding is Professor Eamonn Maher who will collaborate with Dr Emma Woodward from University of Manchester and Dr Alice Fan from Stanford University for their project “Early detection of hereditary renal cancer (RCC) [ELECTRIC]”.
  • The fourth project is a collaboration of Professor Antonis Antoniou with Dr Jared Fischer and Dr Melissa Wong from Oregon Health & Science University and Dr Utkan Demirci from Stanford University. Their project is entitled “Leverage protease activity in circulating hybrid cells and exosomes for early detection of cancer”.

Dr Vanitha Sivalignam from Manchester University has received an ACED skills exchange and development travel award. She will be using this award to visit Dr Fiona Walter, based at the Department of Public Health and Primary Care at Cambridge University for her population health study to determine the risk of women with lichen sclerosus in England developing vulvar cancer.

Please join us on congratulating these researchers for receiving their awards. To see the full funding announcement including the project description, please click here. You can read the full ACED newsletter here.