Cambridge researchers awarded with Early Detection Awards

CRUK announced their Early Detection Awards winners. Congratulations to the Cambridge awardees.

Early Detection Programme Awards
Dr Nitzan Rosenfeld and Dr Robert Rintoul, University of Cambridge
ELUSIVE: Early-stage LUng and Second primary cancer non-invasIVE detection by analysis of trace amounts of tumour DNA in liquid biopsy specimens

Early Detection Project Awards
Dr Serena Nik-Zainal, University of Cambridge
Early detection of clinically-relevant mutational signatures

Early Detection Primer Awards
Dr Ljiljana Fruk, University of Cambridge
Poly-Dopamine Based Nano-Senolytics For Specific Removal Of Senescent Cells

Early Detection Innovation Awards - Sensor technology for liquid biopsy sandpit
Team EpiEnrich led by Charlie Massie at CRUK Cambridge Institute
Will enrich liquid biopsy samples by concentrating nucleosomes and then removing the bits of DNA that are bound to them.

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