ACED awards for Early Detection researchers

Congratulations to Professors Antoniou and Brindle and Dr Tischkowitz who have been successful in their recent applications for ACED awards.

The most recent awards by the Alliance Executive Board include the first ACED Project awards. Two of these involve Cambridge collaborators. Professor Antonis Antoniou is collaborating with Prof Georgios Lyratzopoulos, University College London and Prof Ruth Etzioni, Oregon Health and Science University, on the project Real-world risk-stratified early detection and diagnosis using linked electronic health records data and Dr Marc Tischkowitz is working with Dr Allison Kurian, Stanford University and Prof Gareth Evans, University of Manchester on Stratifying risk for early detection in hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. The Executive Board also awarded Professor Kevin Brindle, in collaboration with Prof H Tom Soh, Stanford University, an ACED Pilot award for their project Novel tools for molecular imaging of pancreatic preneoplasia.

A short summary of each of the projects funded in this round may be found here.