Dr Garth Funston wins RCGP Research Paper of the Year award

Published: 14th October, 2021

Dr Garth Funston and colleagues have won the 2020 Research Paper of the Year for Clinical Research, awarded by the Royal College of General Practitioners, for their paper on detecting cancers in primary care.

The research shows that CA125, a simple blood test available in primary care, is useful for ovarian cancer detection in symptomatic women attending their GP and could help identify other types of cancer.

The study is the first to evaluate CA125 within primary care and has important implications for GPs and clinicians.

Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald receives the Don Listwin Award

Published: 07th October, 2021

Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald, FMedSci, has received the Don Listwin Award for Outstanding Contribution to Cancer Early Detection.

Fitzgerald is a Clinician Scientist internationally recognised for her exceptional research into the prevention and detection of oesophageal cancers, in particular her work to develop the Cytosponge - a simple but ingenious way to test for Barrett’s oesophagus - a condition that can be a precursor to oesophageal cancer.

Rebecca is currently the Interim Director of the MRC Cancer Unit, Professor of Cancer Prevention, and Co-Lead of the CRUK Cambridge Early Detection Programme. The award, presented at the Early Detection of Cancer Conference, honours the work she has done to develop, establish and grow the research needed to detect cancer early.

Call for abstracts for oral presentations and posters

Published: 04th October, 2021

The CRUK Cambridge Centre Early Detection seventh annual symposium will take place on Monday 24th January 2022. We invite PhD students, postdocs, junior group leaders and other researchers involved in all aspects of early detection of cancer research to submit abstracts to be considered for an oral and/or a poster presentation at the event. The short talks arising from these abstracts are always a highlight of our Symposium Programme and in 2022 we plan to include more of these talks – please do get involved.

Dr Garth Funston wins inaugural World Ovarian Cancer Coalition Impact Award

Published: 24th September, 2021

Dr Garth Funston, Clinical Research Associate at the Cambridge Primary Care Cancer Group and CanTest, will receive the inaugural Transformational Research Award from the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition for his work on detecting ovarian cancer in primary care.

​New Early Detection research funding awarded to Cambridge researchers

Published: 21st September, 2021

Congratulations to the Cambridge researchers who have been successful in their recent applications for CRUK Early Detection and ACED funding awards.

Dr Serena Nik-Zainal awarded the Francis Crick Medal and Lecture 2022

Published: 25th August, 2021

Congratulations to Dr Serena Nik-Zainal, who has been awarded the Francis Crick Medal and Lecture 2022 in recognition for her enormous contributions to understanding the aetiology of cancers by her analyses of mutation signatures in cancer genomes, which is now being applied to cancer therapy.

Study highlights importance of screening for pre-cancerous Barrett’s oesophagus

Published: 12th August, 2021

A study by a multidisciplinary group of scientists, led by Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald, found that a particular subtype of oesophageal cancer known as oesophageal adenocarcinoma is always preceded by Barrett’s oesophagus, and confirms the importance of screening for Barrett's.

Cancer Revolution: World-first exhibition to engage people with progress against cancer

Published: 05th August, 2021

A major new exhibition, created by the Science Museum Group with support from Cancer Research UK, will explore the revolution in science that is transforming cancer care.

From busting myths about the causes of cancer and revealing how the disease isn’t unique to humans, to exploring how the latest cancer science, early detection technologies and immunotherapies are advancing cancer care today, Cancer Revolution: Science, innovation and hope shows how far we have come in prevention, detection and treatment, and highlights the important challenges that are still to be solved.

British Society of Gastroenterology Trainees Podcast: Interview with Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald

Published: 07th July, 2021

Co-lead of the Early Detection Programme, Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald, was one of the prominent gastroenterologists interviewed by the British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG) Trainees for their podcast series.

Research Alert: Targeting kidney cancer screening at people at higher risk shows promise and would be acceptable to the public

Published: 16th June, 2021

Kidney cancer is the 7th most common cancer in the UK and the incidence is projected to rise by 26% between 2014 and 2035, representing one of the fastest accelerating cancers within that timeframe. The disease is usually curable if identified early.

This research briefing describes recent work at the University of Cambridge on kidney cancer screening, led by Dr Juliet Usher-Smith and Professor Grant Stewart. A screening programme for kidney cancer might diagnose the disease at an earlier stage, reduce the prevalence of metastatic tumours at diagnosis, decrease the expenditure related to systemic therapies and improve survival.

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