Virtual Academic-Industry Meetups for Cancer Early Detection and Diagnosis

Published: 15th December, 2020

Are you an early detection researcher looking for new opportunities to exchange ideas and interact more closely with industry collaborators? Are you a company looking for academic partners to explore how your technology could be applied to cancer early detection and diagnosis, or to overcome roadblocks in your development?

Bridging the sectors of academia and industry, CRUK's virtual meetups will help you meet your next collaborator.

Call for Abstracts: Early Detection Programme 6th Annual Symposium

Published: 16th November, 2020

Call for abstracts for oral presentations and posters, to be presented virtually

There is still time to submit your abstracts for a poster and/or short oral presentation in the CRUK Cambridge Centre Early Detection sixth annual symposium which will take place on Monday 25th January 2021 on a virtual platform. We are inviting PhD students, postdocs, junior group leaders and other researchers involved in all aspects of early detection of cancer research to submit abstracts to be considered for an oral and/or a poster presentation at the event. Posters will be showcased on a virtual platform, and we are asking all the featured poster authors make themselves available, virtually, on the day of the Symposium to answer questions on their poster.

TGIO 2020 Challenge Winner Announced!

Published: 16th November, 2020

Last month, the Translating Genomics in Oncology (TGIO) 2020 event was co-hosted by two CRUK Cambridge Centre programmes - Early Detection and Onco-Innovation - together with the University Enterprise Zone. A huge amount of organisation went into the cross-sector event from Drs Catherine Fitzpatrick (Early Detection) and Dr Rebecca Harris (Onco-Innovation). It attracted an enthusiastic audience of over 150 people from 10 countries, including PhD students, academic and industry researchers, clinicians, legal professionals and venture partners, and covered topics such as the challenges of translation, benefits of a multidisciplinary approach, routes for translation and clinical considerations.

Darley Sands studentship funding awarded to Muñoz Espín group

Published: 12th November, 2020

Dr Daniel Muñoz Espín’s research group, whose focus is on lung cancer early detection and in particular the role played by cellular senescence in the origination of lung cancer, has been awarded the Darley Sands studentship.

Blood test better at predicting ovarian cancer than previously thought

Published: 02nd November, 2020

A blood test already available to GPs in the UK is more predictive of ovarian cancer than previously thought and could also help pick up other forms of cancer, according to Cambridge researchers.

CBC on Virtual Tour: Catching cancer early - how long is a piece of string?

Published: 20th October, 2020

Watch Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald's webinar, part of the Cambridge Biomedical Campus on Virtual Tour series. In the talk, "Catching cancer early - how long is a piece of string?", Rebecca explains her practice-changing work on the early detection of cancer. The Cytosponge or ‘sponge on a string’ pill test has been developed as a screening tool to identify people at greatest risk of cancer of the food pipe (oesophagus) – from the initial idea through to the latest clinical trial results.

Sam Gambhir receives Don Listwin award 2020

Published: 12th October, 2020

The 2020 Early Detection Conference, jointly hosted by CRUK, The Canary Center at Stanford and OHSU took place from 6-8 October 2020. One of the highlights of the event, which this year was conducted virtually, is the awarding of the Don Listwin Award for Outstanding Contribution to Cancer Early Detection.

Vital rethinking in cancer early detection needed to save lives

Published: 06th October, 2020

Earlier detection of cancer offers arguably the single biggest opportunity to save lives from the disease, but there are many challenges of seeing this a reality for patients in the NHS, according to Cancer Research UK’s Roadmap for the Early Detection and Diagnosis of Cancer report, published today (6th October) and highlighted in a commentary in the Lancet Oncology.

Publication on PAN Trial pilot study in liver disease from Owlstone Medical

Published: 05th October, 2020

The results from a pilot study of the PAN Study in cirrhotic patients have been published by authors from Owlstone Medical, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Cambridge in ‘Clinical and Translational Hepatology’. This research successfully demonstrates the use of exhaled limonene as a breath biomarker to measure liver function and stage liver disease.

Cancer “moonshot” handed over to EU Commissioners

Published: 24th September, 2020

Final research proposals in five areas aiming to deliver solutions to major challenges for Europe have been handed over to the European Commission this week. The proposals, known as missions or moonshots, partly inspired by NASA’s Apollo 11 mission to put a man on the moon, have been developed by a board of experts including academics, policymakers, business people and citizen representatives. Cancer is one of the mission areas, with Early Detection Programme Co-Lead Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald a member of the Cancer Mission Assembly Board.

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