The Global Health Tech Ecosystem - Constructors and Disruptors

Date: Tuesday 17th September 2019
Time: 13:00 - 14:00
Venue: Postdoc Centre, Clifford Allbutt Building, Biomedical Campus

A seminar by Dr Andy Richards, CBE, business angel and entrepreneur. Innovation in healthcare has been based largely on an established ecosystem with longstanding relationships and well known players translating and commercialising the life-sciences. However, that is all changing as data becomes a major value driver and the tech world increasingly focusses on healthcare bringing new entrants, with different approaches and business models. In this battle for the future of healthcare, there will be winners, losers with many mistakes made, but healthcare will change as a result. This talk will provide a big picture view of how these innovation ecosystems are approaching healthcare and how they may be able to make important progress in precision medicine, prevention, diagnosis and the early detection of disease.