Event recordings

As more of our and other early detection related events are currently being run in an online format, we will provide links to the recordings here. Click on the talk titles to access the films.

Event recordings

Event recordings

24th January 2022: Early Detection Programme seventh annual symposium. Part 1 and Part 2.

17th June 2021: International webinar, Professor Attila Lorincz - Pathway to adoption, Qiagen Digene HPV test

25th May 2021: Lunchtime Seminar, Dr Andrew Roddam - Our Future Health - Concept and Plans

22nd April 2021: Breakfast meeting, Dr Ljiljana Fruk - Nanostructured tools for early detection, what can we do now and where should we go?

15th April 2021: International webinar, Dr Sana Raoof - Looking beyond scopes, scans and smears, the future of cancer screening

28th March 2021: Cambridge Festival talk from Early Detection Group Leaders - How our bodily fluids help diagnose cancer earlier.

17th December 2020: International webinar, Dr Daniel de Carvalho -Cancer early detection, classification and monitoring using plasma cell-free methylomes

12th November 2020: CCHSR Annual Lecture, Professor Sir Mike Richards - Closing the survival gap: The importance of screening and early diagnosis in improving cancer survival in England

6th November 2020: HCUK webinar, Prof Rebecca Fitzgerald and team - Caring for heartburn and cancer patients in the age of COVID-19

4th November 2020: Breakfast meeting, Prof Grant Stewart - Population screening for renal cancer - genius or madness?

22nd October 2020: CBC on virtual tour, Prof Richard Gilbertson - How Cambridge Cancer is rewriting the story for cancer patients

27th October 2020: International webinar, Dr Bo Li - Antigen independent de novo prediction of cancer associated T cells.

29th September 2020: CBC on virtual tour, Pref Rebecca Fitzgerald - Catching cancer early – how long is a piece of string?