About the International Alliance for Cancer Early Detection (ACED)

The Alliance is a science-led, collaborative investment that will support the early detection of cancer research. Representing up to £55 million of investment over 5 years, this initiative brings together outstanding UK and US Centres to foster collaboration, infrastructure development and training across the Alliance and for the wider early detection research community.

Further information is available on the CRUK ACED webpages, in the ACED Strategy Document and in the ACED Guiding Principles.

ACED in Cambridge

Led by Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald, the Cambridge ACED member centre is leveraging the success of its Early Detection Programme to bring world-class facilities and early detection expertise to the wider Alliance. Central to this is the development of ACED Clinic Cambridge, which will provide Alliance members with the resources and infrastructure required to conduct first-in-human clinical testing of novel diagnostics and imaging devices.

We are dedicated to training, development and multidisciplinary collaboration: we hosted the first International ACED Summer School in 2019, are funding three PhD studentships and are actively supporting the development of collaborations across the Alliance. Click here for details on the next ACED Summer School.

Please contact ACED Cambridge Programme Manager Wendy Alderton if you are a Cambridge University PI who would like to join the ACED Cambridge Centre and receive updates about our activities.

ACED virtual Meet & Greets

ACED has piloted virtual Meet & Greets to help virtually connect researchers. These short information sessions (see previous topics below) were based on research themes and featured investigators doing a 90 second pitch describing their interests and what they are looking for in collaborators.

17 June 2020 17:00-17:45 GMT – ACED Early Career Researchers | Register here

2 July 2020 17:00-17:45 GMT – Nanomedicine for Early Detection | Register here