The Early Cancer Institute is based on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. It is home to a number of research groups, working on a diverse range of projects, all focusing on early detection of cancer. The Institute includes an expert scientific advisory board, a steering committee and an administration and management team.

Institute Director: Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald

Rebecca Fitzgerald is Professor of Cancer Prevention, Director of the Early Cancer Institute and a Fellow at Trinity College, University of Cambridge. She practices medicine as Hon Consultant in Gastroenterology at Cambridge University Hospitals Trust. Her research group investigates the steps in malignant transformation in the oesophagus and stomach and uses this information to develop novel early detection strategies. Her work to develop the Cytosponge and related biomarker assays for detection and stratification of Barrett's oesophagus has received several awards including the Westminster Medal, Jane Wardle and Don Listwin prizes.

Research Group Leaders

The Early Cancer Institute group leaders are based in the Hutchison Research Centre on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus and work in all aspects of early cancer research from multiple disciplines.

Management and Administration

Management, administration and communications for the Institute are carried out by a small team who deal with many of the day-to-day operations. Working closely with the research group leaders the team provides a range of support including managing budgets for grants and trials, research and technology translation, internal and external communications and organises a range of events including international seminars, the annual symposium and from public engagement to annual symposia.

The Institute team work closely with the Department of Oncology Business and Administration team who provide HR, finance and building management services.

Steering Committee

The Early Cancer Institute Steering Committee consists of academics from within Cambridge University, whose research focuses on early cancer detection, a patient representative and a member from Cancer Research UK. The Steering Committee meets quarterly, and their role is to maintain an overview of the Institute and the Cambridge ACED Member Centre. They provide advice and support to ensure delivery of agreed outcomes.

Scientific Advisory Board

The Early Cancer Institute Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) consists of renowned experts representing academia and industry whose knowledge encompasses many aspects of early cancer detection. The purpose of the SAB is to advise on the strategic relevance and future direction of the Institute. The Scientific Advisory Board meets in person once a year, around the time of our Annual Symposium, and may have additional virtual meetings during the course of the year.

Research Projects

Researchers at the Early Cancer Institute and across the University of Cambridge are working on a number of projects ranging from basic and translational science to the societal impact of early cancer detection.