Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald

Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald


MRC Cancer Unit
Hutchison MRC Research Centre

Professor of Cancer Prevention

Oesophageal cancer is a global health problem. The work of my laboratory and clinical team is driven by a clinical need to identify patients with pre-invasive disease (Barrett’s oesophagus and squamous cell dysplasia) at high risk for cancer of the oesophagus so that they can be prevented from developing incurable invasive disease. This approach can at the same time be used to spare individuals at low risk unnecessary interventions. In addition, we are interested in applying genome-wide methods to identifying molecular targets for prognosis and therapy in established cancer of the oesophagus. In collaboration with Prof Carlos Caldas we are also interested in the genetics, molecular pathogenesis and clinical of management of familial gastric cancer and Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer in particular.

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