Mr Vincent Gnanapragasam

Mr Vincent Gnanapragasam


Department of Surgery
Addenbrooke's Hospital

University Lecturer in Uro-oncology and Consultant Urologist

Vincent Gnanapragasam is a University Lecturer and Consultant Urologist at the University of Cambridge and Addenbrookes Hospital with a special interest in primary non-metastatic prostate cancer. He has previously been a Cancer Research UK Clinician Scientist and a HEFCE awarded Senior Lecturer. His research spans the spectrum from basic laboratory sciences to clinical research with a strong focus on the link between the lab and the clinic. Laboratory work has explored the role of growth factor signalling in prostate cancer and the critical role of signal regulators in modulating the response to tyrosine kinase inhibitor based therapies. Translational research has focused on the use of predictive biomarkers for therapy-specific outcomes and exploiting archival formalin fixed tissue for gene profiling with well-annotated longitudinal cohorts. This has led to availability in Cambridge of a multi-treatment cohort with tissue acquired at diagnosis and with up to 10 years follow-up. In addition to this, he has established investigator-led translational research programmes including the CHIRRP and DMAPS studies which have demonstrated the use of imaging to guide therapy response and surgical approaches. Epidemiological studies have also investigated and demonstrated changing patterns of disease presentation, treatment and outcomes in UK cohorts. More recently his work has focused on improving the early detection of prostate cancer and developing patient tailored therapy. Key research themes include the design and evaluation of a novel device ?CAMPROBE? for safer out-patient prostate biopsies, exploring the combinatorial use of serological and imaging markers for cancer detection and designing improved risk stratification schema for primary prostate cancer. In collaboration with colleagues in oncology and radiology he is developing a window trial program exploiting novel neo-adjuvant therapies to improve outcomes from primary prostate cancer therapy (CANCAP and TAPS). Vincent is the lead for the Academic Urology Group in the Department of Surgery and is responsible for the recruitment and training of academic trainees in urology in Cambridge. He also heads the Cambridge Urological Bio-repository which has a very active programme of recruitment of pateints with urological malignancies for collection of biological fluids and tissue (paraffin and frozen) for translational research and biomarker discovery. He is the Research Programme Lead for surgical and non-cancer studies in the Cambridge Cancer Trials Centre and co-leads the Urological Malignancies theme in the Cambridge Cancer Centre.

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