Dr Kathleen Liddell

Dr Kathleen Liddell


Faculty of Law
Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences

Herschel Smith Senior Lecturer

Dr Kathy Liddell’s research focuses on biotechnology and bio-information, with the aim of understanding and improving the legal frameworks that govern this field. This task has taken on special significance over the past two decades as advances in biotechnology, medicine and information technology have dramatically increased the storage and use of human bodies, organs, tissues, and DNA.

As part of her research, she examines laws that limit or control the development of medicine and biotechnology, and those that facilitate it. This includes information law (primarily trade secrets, confidentiality and data protection), patent law, tort law, the Clinical Trials Directive and other legislation and common law affecting medical research and technology. The research is informed by interdisciplinary perspectives, and where appropriate contributes to practical policy developments.

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